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Valentines 2023,
from one brand to another

Sreelesh Pillai

12 minutes read

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This article is about my personal profile as a writer. It includes the genres I write in, the style I write in, and advice I have for new writers.

Dear world of brands, 

Long ago, there were times when we loved receiving your multiple text messages loaded with offers.

We did not mind the frequent reminders on our unpaid bills and some of us also did forgive when the reminders came even after paying the bills.

But the past three years have left us very tired, and you must be too. 

We now get way too many notifications and messages, most of them irrelevant, over text, email, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, even over Facebook and Twitter.

Overnight every brand started messaging us over Whatsapp without asking us if that was ok. It has become so common to see "First_name" instead of our names.

We feel let down.

We understand you have been through a lot of challenges to keep business afloat and payrolls running. But you are consumers too, and you probably also have similar experiences with your vendor brands.

It might be just the perfect day, beginning this Valentines 2023, can we give it a good try to fix this?

Regards and support,
Your fans and Team ZEPIC.

Letter series to be continued…

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