Happy Thanksgiving!

They say the devil is in the details. 

We kind of prefer ‘Happiness is in the small things’. It is not exactly the same thing is it? 🙂

This Thanksgiving ZEPIC’s celebrating the small things that make our lives great at work. The little things that happen in plenty which help us move mountains for our colleagues, customers and partners. 

We went around the room asking what were some of our top-ranking ‘little things’ at ZEPIC we’d want to keep going. We had some surprising responses but most respondents could not restrict their commentary with the ‘little things’. We hope you enjoy reading the responses and get to appreciate some of these at your own workplaces too. Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving!

I genuinely love the short commute to the office (less than 20 minutes).


It could be a simple 'thank you' email or acknowledgement during team meetings. It not only boosts morale but also makes me feel that my efforts are valued. 

I'm thankful for the chance to play with cool tech and build stuff that people use.

I am very grateful for the flexibility to do my 30 minute jog whenever I can grab the free time to do so.

Making carrom a daily ritual in our office has added a delightful routine to our workdays. The friendly competition have become a consistent highlight, offering a daily break that strengthens team bonds and injects a sense of fun into our regular work routine. 

The best thing that I experience in my day to day work at ZEPIC is the people around me. 

I am very grateful for being able to express myself to discuss without any fear of backlash to any strong opinion i may have. 

I value our team's transparency and honesty, which fosters a vibrant work environment. 

I am truly thankful for the nice co-working space. It is spacious, bright and has plenty of parking space. The meeting rooms are excellent for having team discussions and customer calls. It makes me feel like working in a big company with a luxurious workplace, not a scrappy, early-stage workplace. 

I am very grateful for the emphasis on personal and professional growth at ZEPIC.

It's awesome working with a bunch of smart folks who come together to solve problems and make things happen. 

The work environment fosters personal growth, exposing me to diverse ideas in areas such as finance, mindset, and health, contributing significantly to my overall development. 

Appreciate ZEPIC for valuing not just productivity but also personal time, allowing for a harmonious work-life harmony. 

I’m grateful to be a part of the team where I can voice my opinions and feedback and truly get my voice heard during the discussions whether it is in tech or non-tech areas. 

I am very grateful that at ZEPIC we are encouraged to innovate and think without constraints.

The team has the right mix of maturity and liveliness.

I am thankful for all the topics discussed in the office in a no-holds-barred manner - tech, product, cricket, investments, films, and ex-company gossip. 

I can express my views but heard in its spirit and respected for it. Even when my idea is rejected, I don’t feel crestfallen because I was heard and the decision was made.

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