ZEPIC Launch - Celebrating with Cheers and Gratitude!!

Last week, on April 18th, 2024, we launched ZEPIC, the True Unified Customer Platform, to the world. We were thrilled to see some of the biggest media houses like Hindu BusinessLine, The Times of India, NDTV Profit, Inc42, StartupTN and more, featuring us!!

We were totally blown away by all the congratulatory messages flooding in from different parts of the world- and our parents were over the moon when they saw us in the print version of The Times daily.

As the dust settles down, and as we head into another weekend, it's a perfect time for us to reflect on this crazy rollercoster ride we have all been on —  with our fair share of ups, downs, and everything in between!

They say it takes a village to build a startup, and that’s definitely true for us at ZEPIC. We couldn’t have done it without the support of so many amazing people!!

First off, thanks to every ZEPICian , their families and our friends for supporting us in building an EPIC culture. We are growing stronger together, milestone by milestone, and making every single day at ZEPIC an EPIC one.

More about our EPIC culture code here — it’s our secret sauce!

On behalf of all of us at ZEPIC, Here’s a big shoutout to the rockstars who made ZEPIC happen -

To all our angel investors — including the senior leaders from Zoho, Microsoft, Freshworks, Chargebee, and Apple — your trust means the world to us. Sid and the Neon team, thanks for believing in us and throwing in your support!

Thanks to our partners QD, Centelon, Xebia and others for shaping up the product and believing in us. You rock!

AVA Group & Vithana Consulting— Thank you, Lalit, for helping with everything from company incorporation to filings and also being a part of our journey from day one. Thanks to Maruthy, Diwakar and the team for helping us out with compliances, HR ops, and more. Any startups out there — hit these guys up — they are our lifesavers!

Khuzema, Paranjothi, KR (TestSigma), Jayashree —Can’t thank you guys enough for all your help!

Facilio Team — Big love to Prabu, Raj, and the Facilio team for giving us a space where dreams can thrive. (Thanks again to Zoho, and proud to be a part of the Zoho mafia :))
Is it destiny that our launch aligns perfectly with our one-year move-in anniversary? It just might be :)

Zoho and Freshworks — you showed us the ropes on how to build kickass products from India and even ring the NASDAQ bell from here. Oh, and — thanks a million for those startup credits too!!

Vigneswaran Murugesan — or as we fondly call him, VIM — deserves a shoutout for his support and guidance in setting our Infra and Monitoring systems.

AWS Team — Huge thanks to Aadharsh, Deepika, and Vartika from the AWS team for helping us secure those sweet startup credits and their support throughout.

Whizzc— Thanks for getting us ISO certified and SOC2 compliant from day one of the launch. Now we can proudly say we’re safer than a bank vault!!

CDH Scaleup Program — Thanks to CDH (backed by the Victorian Government) for selecting us as one of the winners for the scaleup program around the globe. This win is a testament to all our efforts — And it was like a bizpark moment (straight out of the Freshdesk playbook).

Invest VIC — A huge shoutout and big thank you to Invest VIC, Nik Guruprasad, Global VIC ,  Michelle Wade, the Victorian State Government, and the Australian Government for having our backs throughout this crazy journey. Their support for global startups like us is seriously amazing!!

Pilot Customers — You guys are the real MVPs for helping us shape up the product.

“The secret to success is to start before you’re ready.”

Thanks for diving in headfirst with us!

Special thanks to Dave & Lauren of Hockey Australia, Leigh & Matt of Tourism Fiji for believing in ZEPIC and sharing the love with your testimonials!! And also to the awesome teams and the leaders at Hockey Australia and Tourism Fiji

Oh, and before we forget, check out the LIFE at ZEPIC :)

If you want to be a part of this roller-coaster ride — ping us at careers@zepic.com

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